Thursday, March 29, 2012

Query Cherry Popped

OK so getting on here daily seems to be a problem right now. But I shall overcome or at least try for more than once a week. I have found the time now only as my saintly husband is getting our daughter ready for bed.

So here's the deal... I received my first query letter rejection today! Yes folks my proverbial cherry has been popped! I know it won't be the last but as in losing your virginity it's nice to get the first time over with! I cannot and will not lose hope that someone somewhere will think this 108,000 word rag is worth a damn. Ah well sweet success will be mine although I may have to win the MegaMillions for it to happen!

As far as the family... my daughter is one week shy of turning 1 year old! So exciting! I know. I never in a million years thought that a child turning 1 could be so wonderful. But like my mom always told me... "It's different when it's your kid!" She was right!

My pregnancy is now in the 33rd week. Time has flown by but the aches and pains are definitely there EVERYDAY to remind me that the big day is fast approaching. So far everything is going well and normal and hopefully it will stay that way. Fingers crossed!

On the science front, it seems that they have found a blood test that will determine if a person is going to have a heart attack. This can be determines up to 2 weeks before it happens. I will keep this as layman as possible... apparently there are cells in the blood that if the majority are malformed than it can indicate a coming heart attack. Currently they can only determine if you had a heart attack or are having one. They will be working on this new blood test for the next couple of years to get it approved for use but WOW! What a discovery!

In the future they are talking about a nanosensor that can be implanted into your vein to detect the abnormal cells and then send an alert to your phone. As someone who worked on biological implants I think it is awesome. Although I would prefer the alert be sent to my phone and my doctor's. Because, let's face it we all don't heed the warning signs in our lives... even if they're in plain sight!

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