Tuesday, April 10, 2012

1 is a magic number!

Hello again! Well the query gods have smiled down upon me for the last week and I have not received any rejections. I haven't received anything so "no news is good news" right? :P

I have two new ideas for novels and would like to start on at least one of them but I am wondering if I should continue with the second book in the series that I started. The first book is the one I have sent out into the query world.

I am currently involved in the My Name Is Not Bob "April Platform Challenge". Each person is encouraged and coached in creating an online platform to better market themselves as writers. We are currently on Day 9 and I have so far created a Twitter account, updated my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts and linked my blog to my accounts. It has been a fun ride so far and I am looking forward to all the progress and education about social media I will have! I really am learning a lot about myself which is always important. And I'm making new friends with similar interests in the process. That is always good for morale and assistance along the sometimes lonely road of the writer. I will post more about what we're doing as we go along!

Per the comments I received about my blog... I will try and post at least every Monday and Friday for those who choose to follow. Thank you for the insight and the interest!

Anyway as far as the family goes... My daughter turned 1 last week. It was also Opening Day for the Detroit Tigers! I'm a big fan and have only missed the last two Opening Day festivities downtown due to being pregnant. I made her cake which I am proud to say even with 1 missing main ingredient didn't turn out too bad. She and my husband really liked it and that was all that mattered to me!

I'm in my 36th week of my pregnancy. I have a doc appointment tomorrow to check my progress. Everything seems good and normal so I'm sure tomorrow's appointment will be routine. It is getting more difficult to do things that we take advantage of like bending over and sometimes even walking. This kid feels like all knees and elbows and let me tell you it doesn't tickle!

Yesterday was Easter and we got to spend time with both my husband's side of the family and mine (a lot of driving). It was really nice to see everyone and how all the kids are growing. Today is my daughter's 1st birthday party at my mom's house hosted by my sister. After all the Easter stuff my daughter got I can't even imagine what they could have bought for her birthday! My house is becoming one big playpen!

OK enough for now. I will hit the science stuff next time! Talk to you soon!

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