Thursday, April 12, 2012

Query, Query quite Contrery? :P

Ok because of the "April Platform Challenge" that I am involved in I have to post to my blog today. I know it's an off day but I do what I am told! LOL!

Since my post on Monday I have received yet another rejection to my query letter. So that means 4 rejections out of 11 so far and that I have to send a few more out. I have not received any feedback on my submissions which is disappointing but I must press on!

My daughter's 1st birthday party was a success! It was Minnie Mouse themed and all of my family was able to make it. Which was great! Something about a party with 38 people and it being "just family" is pretty awesome! She made out like a bandit with birthday gifts too! She wouldn't touch the smash cake that was made special for her. She doesn't like to touch stuff that is messy. LOL! Good for me right?!

My pregnancy is progressing very nicely but my due date is a mystery. It's a long story but according to my ultrasound I am 3 weeks ahead of where I should be according to traditional calculations. So like my doctor told me "The day you go into labor... that will be your due date." So we wait. We don't know the sex of the baby and we don't want to. It was a fun surprise with our daughter especially with everyone saying it was a boy. Everyone has a different way of seeing the gender too. "oh you're carrying high? It's a girl" or "You look so good so it has to be a boy because a girl will steal your beauty." It's funny to hear all of the opinions based on absolutely nothing but a hunch.

I will post science stuff tomorrow, for my usual post. I found something interesting to me as it was very much like the research I was involved in for my graduate work.

If you are a writer and have sent or are preparing to send out query letters to agents or publishers please check out this piece by Chuck Wendig, I cannot recommend it enough. The language is a little rough but the content is right on. The link is to yesterday's post to my blog... another challenge task April 11 post.

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  1. Sorry about the rejection! Whenever I get one I always think back to what my mentor told me. "For every 100 queries/submissions you send out, only one will be accepted." So I always think of it as, '1 down, 79 more to go!' It makes me laugh and takes away some of the sting. Congrats on the wonderful party and your pregnancy. I'm sure it will be exciting to find out the sex! Look forward to many more great posts.

    1. Thanks for the words of encouragement and the follow! You are my first follower! I checked out your blog too. I love the Five Sentence Fiction! Who indeed would know if the damsel and the knight were one in the same? Great start for a book!

  2. Hi - I'm one of your fellow April Platform Challengers. I checked out your blog after seeing your tweet. I wanted to send you a little encouragement. I'm also a science grad (MSc in Zoology) who went on to write a novel.

    I finished my first thriller last year and am well into the second in the series. I started sending out query letters November, 2011. I kept a little database for the 16 letters I sent, ticking off the rejections as they came in. I didn't hold out much hope knowing that it was a long shot at best.

    I was thrilled when I got my first rejection even though it was probably a form letter. It was very encouraging and proved to me that someone out there was reading my letters. It was not so great when the 2nd rejection came and the 3rd and then the 4th.

    Then a miracle happened. The next four agents all expressed interest in reading more of the story! Two of them asked for the entire ms. More waiting then I was shocked to be told that both wanted to represent me. I chose the one I connected with the best and who had the best professional reputation.

    It is now almost 6 months later and my ms is receiving a final tweak from a professional editor before the agent begins to try and sell it to publishers. I'm sure that will entail even more waiting and hoping and dreaming.

    I guess what I want to tell you is that don't get discouraged! You just never know what might happen. If it could happen to me it could happen to anyone. Oh and btw - even after I had found an agent I would still receive answers from my other queries - every single one of them a rejection!

    All the best!! I will be rooting for you.

    1. Thank you Susan! That is actually very nice to hear. I have heard more horror stories than successful ones so it's nice to know that they do exist and that they happen to real people! I will keep trying and keep my hopes up for the queries. Then it will begin all over again for the publishers... sheesh. Thanks again! It's so nice to have found such a great and supportive environment to connect with on #MNINB!


  3. Claudine, I was excited to see your background. Mine is a doctorate in psychobiology (these days I usually just say neuroscience) and research in Alzheimer's disease. I am looking forward to reading your science posts. Not having too much luck with mine yet, so I hope to learn something. Thanks!
    And yes, found you because of the platform challenge on MNINB.

  4. Hi Claudine.

    I'm also a fellow #MNINB challenger. It has been fun meeting so many other writers! I don't have a background in writing either. I'm a lawyer actually --go figure. I like to think different backgrounds (like science, law, medicine, waitressing) can offer the writer a different perspective than the standard 'ol English major. At least that's what I'm telling myself! Paula's perspective above is heartening. Don't let the rejections get you down! I haven't started querying yet, but I'm sure there are rejections aplenty awaiting me. :)


    1. Love my fellow #MNINB challengers! If I didn't have you my blog would be pretty lonely! :)

      I agree having a different background can only enhance your perspective in writing. It offers expertise and experience that some writers may never have.

      Thank you for the vote of confidence and good luck in your querying! I'm no expert but if you need a sounding board for your letter just let me know. :)

  5. Hi Claudine,

    I loved the article by Chuck Wendig...made me laugh out loud! Plus, it gave some great information. I think the hard part about querying is that it's such a black hole. You send it out into the universe and hear...nothing. You wait patiently and hear...nothing. You get a form rejection letter and it says...nothing about your writing. Are you on the right track or so far off the beaten path they can't even see you? And how can you tell?

    My point is, keep querying! You never know when you'll come across the ONE who appreciates what you do!

    Good luck!
    Muddy from MNINB

  6. Thanks Muddy! The whole process is so nerve-wracking! And the lack of response just adds to the tension. I'm trying not to think about it even though I check my email about a hundred times per day. Hopefully someone will send something positive soon or even just a reply of some sort would be nice.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the link to Chuck Wendig's article. I know it made me laugh so I felt I needed to pass it along to my readers! :)

    Keeping my fingers crossed!